This site is a comprehensive archive of teaching materials, exemplars and resources associated with Mr Waugh’s 2013 GCSE English class. Feel free to look around, and make use of whatever is of value. All 2014 GCSE English materials can be found here

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GCSE Action Plan

Schedule of Extra English Revision

In these last weeks leading up to the final GCSE Examinations, a programme of revision is taking place. All tutorials specific to Mr Waugh’s class can be found on this page, and all English department information (Including exhaustive detail about our GCSE Examinations and controlled assessments) can be found on the Edutronic main site.

Priorities for the Winter Term:

1 TUESDAYS 3:40-4:30: Extra English. As indicated in the class survey, most students’ preference is for small group tutorials with your own class teacher. This is the weekly time for this, and a schedule will be drawn up of the focus for these sessions and students who are in need of extra input will be named and required to attend. Others may come at their own discretion.

2 Weekly: Every week a new practice question derived from prior examinations will be posted to this site for students to answer. Every answer posted to your individual blogs will be given a mark and feedback.

3Friday 17 May: English Literature (Modern Texts) revision – 1:50pm to 4:00pm

4Wednesday 22 May: English Literature (poetry Across Time) revision – 11:10am to 1:00pm

5MID TERM BREAK: Tuesday 28 May and Wednesday 29 May: English Language revision – 9:00am to 1:00pm

6Monday 3 June: English Language revision (All students, all teachers) – 9:00am to 1:00pm

Examination Dates:

  • Monday 20th May: GCSE English Literature Examination: Modern Fiction
  • Thursday 23rd May: GCSE English Literature Examination: Poetry Across Time
  • Tuesday 4th June: GCSE English Language Examination: Non Fiction Reading and Writing

Learning Focus This Term

This Term’s Text of Focus – Touching the Void

Read in conjunction with a viewing of the respected film this novel allows the students to explore non-fiction writing and enables the canvassing of ideas from the nature of death, through the morality of mountain climbing to the reliability of autobiographical writing.

The Student Blogging Scheme

We have re-launched our student blogging scheme – the classroom is equipped with brand new iPads and every student has their own blog. The possibilities of this new scheme are enormous – if you’re keen to investigate some of the thinking that goes behind it all can be seen on Mr Waugh’s professional journal.

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